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Mailing Addresses: 

Olympic Peninsula-
    P.O.Box 1105
    Sequim, WA 98382

Kitsap Peninsula-
    P.O.Box 2402
    Belfair, Wa. 98528

Phone Numbers: 

    360.683.2891 Sequim

    360.385.4699 Port Townsend

    360.205.5990 Belfair

Email: greentree-at-airsignal.org

    We are a TrboWest Dealer and X10DR microphone supplier and installation specialist




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Welcome To Greentree Communications. We are your Airsignal Infrastructure Solution!

We have two locations

We are primarily based on the Olympic Peninsula and have a second location between Belfair and Bremerton on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Our technicians are equipped to come to you when you need us.






























Welcome to Greentree Communications

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